Tifanso Embroidery Scissors Eyebrow Trimmer - 4.5

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  • High Quality - This Tifanso eyebrow trimmer is made of premium stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable. The sturdy structure of the brow scissors makes them durable to use and not easily damaged, allowing them to be used for a long time.
  • Easy to use - This scissor features a comfortable ergonomic spring action handle that you can easily grip without having to place your fingers inside a hoop when using the small scissors each time. This feature can help reduce hand fatigue and bring a lot of convenience to your life. This eyebrow trimmer for women allows for one-handed operation, enabling proficient maneuvering.
  • Small and Curved Design - This precision scissors has a total length of 4.5 inches. The small size allows for making cuts in difficult and hard-to-reach areas. The tip of the micro scissors is designed with a curved shape and is extremely sharp, making it easy to trim threads and other lightweight materials and improving your working efficiency.
  • Widely Used in Sewing Supplies - This sewing scissors is ideal for machine embroidery, sewing, fabric cutting, grading seams, tailoring, and snipping cross-stitch threads. It is also versatile and can be used for general arts and crafts. This sewing scissors work well for cutting jump threads while machine embroidering, especially for close-cutting applique work.
  • Special Beauty Purpose - This curved scissors can work as brow scissors and can be used to trim eyebrows. It won't easily harm your skin like straight pointed scissors. The precision scissor can minimize errors to the greatest extent possible and achieve high-quality surface treatment.

Product Code: TF-TFB061A


This Spring Scissors are a multifunctional pair of scissors, made of high quality and durable stainless steel material. The tip of this embroidery scissors is curved and very small, which makes it to reach small areas, and does a lot of fine task. The blade of this applique scissors is sharp and can easily trim threads and other lightweight materials. In addition, the handle of this pair of sewing scissors is set with ergonomic springs, making it easy for you to grip and reducing hand fatigue. This precision craft scissors is an ideal choice for daily life and will bring a lot of convenience to your life.

Curved Tip
This thread scissors is designed with curved cutter heads to satisfy your different use needs and work great for trimming in small areas. 
Small Size
This small scissors have a total length of 4.5 inches and can be used for some delicate work.
Ergonomic Spring Action Handle
This fabric scissors adopts a spring type handle design, moving away from the traditional design of scissors with finger-hole hoop handles. The unique spring action mechanism is designed to improve control, comfort and efficiency. 
Special Usage
Are your scissors still only used for cutting thread?
This product can be used for eyebrow trimming. Unlike straight pointed eyebrow trimmers, these scissors have curved tips that can trim excess eyebrows finer and minimize errors.Sharp curved cutting edges offer a hassle-free trimming and cutting experience without pulling the hair. This beard nose hair trimmer for women and men are more precise and efficaciously trims beards or hard-to-reach spots.
Conventional Usage
It is perfect for applique, sewing, embroidery, thread, fabric, arts&craft and more. 
Important Tips
Due to the extremely sharp blade, please place it in a safe location when not in use.
Please do not cut thick fabric. Like folding three or four fabric together and cut them together.

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